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Sunday, March 10th, 2019

The folks at Piano Marketing Group are telling me that the Brodmann PE187V has become the most sold grand piano in their line up. What makes that interesting is the 187 is a 6 ft grand. Its important to note that this is unusual because most companies sell 5 ft to 5 1/2 ft pianos more than the larger model. Few companies can boast that their number one seller is so large.


The PE 187 is a hit because it was originally designed in Austria as an exact duplicate to another very famous European piano. The scale design was altered slightly to make it more European in design and appearance.

Of course, the piano has a special sound and touch with wooden sharps and a beautiful bronze plate. Additionally the piano has a very clear and distinctive sound that demands your attention.


Simply amazing. Brodmann is available in the U.S. through Piano Marketing Group. Contact us for more information.


Sunday, February 17th, 2019

The Beginning

The infamous Joseph Brodmann was born in 1763. As a young man he made his way to Vienna, Austria to become an apprentice. The piano builder that hired him was none other than Frederick Hoffman. And there in that Vienna studio Brodmann learned the art of piano making. The finest craftsmen in the world were his teachers.

Joseph Brodmann

In 1800 he was listed as “Joseph Brodmann – instrument maker, excelled in constructing horizontal fortepianos of solid finish”. By 1805, government records along with business logs listed Brodmann. He was recorded “Piano and Organ builder”.

His inventions and inputs throughout his career are still in practice in some part today. He made some of the most important improvements ever. Additionally, Brodmanns changes in the soundboard alone were groundbreaking for the time. His input on rib design makes the soundboards more stable.

Joseph Brodmann Pianoforte

Highly Respected

Many famous musicians, conductors, writers, composers and enthusiasts owned a Brodmann piano and wrote about it in their diaries. The charm of its tone, the tenderness of its touch and the character in its performance made it famous.

Ignaz Bosendorfer

A Slight Twist In Fate

In the early 1800s Ignaz Bosendorfer began his apprenticeship under the talented hands of Joseph Brodmann. In 1828 Bosendorfer produced his first piano and gave honor to Joseph Brodmann. The fallboard said “Made in the workshop of Joseph Brodmann”.

The rich Viennese character of Brodmann pianos continue to this day. Each piano is carefully constructed using only the very finest components available creating the European Scale Design it has always been famous for.

Brodmann PE 162 in Applewood

How Can I Own A Brodmann Piano

Today, Brodmann is represented in the U.S.A. by Piano Marketing Group. From the home offices located in Tustin, CA Brodmann is distributed throughout the U.S.A. to caring dealers. Each dealer is specifically chosen because of their reputation and dedication to fine pianos.

To find out more visit


Friday, February 1st, 2019

Of course I am a little biased BUT it is my blog so I get to start wherever I want to……..LOL.


Along with my job as General Manager at Hollywood Piano, I work with Scott Shebeck and Peter Hong in a distribution company called Piano Marketing Group. We are distributors for such top brands as Dynatone Digital Piano which is based out of Seoul Korea, Wilh. Steinberg Piano which is based out of Eisenberg, Germany, Brodmann Piano which is based out of our offices in Tustin, CA, A. Geyer Piano which is also based out of Eisenberg, Germany and finally Gebr. Schulz Piano which is also based out of Wiesbaden, Germany.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Dynatone-Brodmann.jpg
Brodmann and Dynatone at NAMM 2019

The guys that make up this three man team are industry veterans who make up a very unusual trio. Peter who owns the company is in charge of inventory and finances, Scott is the National Sales Manager and myself who does as he is told. Together with Scotts understanding of the wholesale market, I have an understanding of the retail market and Peter who seems to be the master of all bring an unusual perspective to the table.

Steinberg at NAMM 2019


In the present market we find several different perspectives. We have to remember first our dealer base but also bearing in mind the “end user” as well. From purchasing to selling to dealer sell through we have to think for our customers AND their customers.

Geyer and Gebr. Schulz at NAMM 2019

I can say that from my perspective I am very proud to stand with these guys as we market our products across the U.S. and also VERY proud of the products themselves. Each MFG uses quality materials and employees very talented people that make the instruments that we sell.

Thank you Scott and Peter for allowing me to be a part of your team for almost 5 years now. I really appreciate it and I can say now, more than ever we have a VERY bright future ahead of us.

Ric Overton

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