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Piano Adventures

Sunday, April 29th, 2012

I am amazed at the events that go on every weekend in every part of the country, every little town, huge cities and all around the world too.  It seems that pianos are the focal point of more events than most people realize.  Most every church, institution, college and small venues all over the country are using pianos and someone has to play them – otherwise they are just a pretty piece of furniture.

Today I was looking at all of the events that were going on and thought about how many hours of practice, how many hours of study and how much effort was put into making each of these events happen.  Most people don’t take into account how much work there is in just putting on a simple recital or a simple production, but trust me, HOURS.

Most people also don’t take into account that while we have many apps (more…)

What are they Thinking?

Saturday, April 28th, 2012

In yesterdays news I noticed that MIT in Cambridge, a college of supposedly higher learning and recognized around the world for it’s standards, has a “tradition” of tossing pianos off the roof of one of their buildings.  Feel free to click on the picture below for the whole story.

Piano Dropping from a Building at MIT


With all of the education and brains that are obviously around that campus how is it that not one of these people with their iPhones and cameras snapping pictures and cheering objected to this behavior.  I for one am appalled.

A piano that has brought untold happiness to a home or institution is being heralded in the sky above the heads of those observers.  No doubt doctors, lawyers and dare I say professors who teach at this alleged fine institution of higher learning are standing by watching this travesty take place.

These are the same people who are offended when someone says a ‘snide’ remark to them or about them, the same people that get upset when their hair, clothes, lifestyle or ideas are challenged.   How can this be?  How can this be?  I felt the same way when a national piano company announced their new company restructuring was completed in Nashville, Tn. and they dropped a grand piano to a dazed onlooking crowd of people.  How stupid!

Solution !

How would it be if we were to take this same group of people and took all of their energies, ideas and creativity and focused on the piano and see if they could actually fix it.  Take their noses out off their smart(?)phones, iPods, iPads, and the like and spend some time learning about an instrument that is now arguably 300 years old.  I wonder if their new technology and the wonder this same group is creating and spending countless hours creating will still be around for as long as the piano?

There are piano teachers within walking distance that could have found a technician (and if not they could have logged onto and found one) that are old enough to be their grandfather and who knows nothing about the “new” technology that they brag about BUT  could have shown them how to fix this piano and brought it into condition good enough to bring joy and happiness to another home, family or institution (also within walking distance).

Old piano still bringing happiness

Hmmmmm……..hope I didn’t go overboard here.  If I did, however, download an app and whine about how your feelings have been hurt and ask it for help.  Then let me know how that works out for you.

Ric Overton

P.S. I understand that this is a “tradition” – as dumb as it is, but, heres a link to a piano teacher and a piano tuner in Cambridge Mass that can help you remove your head from its resting place and fix your next victim before you do this again. for a teacher and for a tuner or technician.



Football or Piano ?

Friday, April 27th, 2012

So, I was thinking about the habits of people and got a little chuckle out of a scenario I would like to paint for you.

Stan was in High School, a star athlete, quarterback of the football team.  He was a guys guy and girls dream.  He got a scholarship to play in college where he did very well.  However, as life takes it, Stan realized that he had to make a living, got business degree, got married had two kids and a dog.  At 40 he woke up one day and realized that he could no longer play football and the small pouch that had grown around his midsection kept him from ‘posing’ like he had only a few years before.  I think most people would agree – this is an average story about and average guy.

High School Football


Eric went to the same high school and was admittedly a ‘little’ jealous of Stan because he didn’t get a scholarship or even make the team.  However, Eric still plays the piano.  At the high school reunion while Stan was talking about “the good ole days” Eric was sitting at the piano playing music and singing with all the girls and having a great time.

Singing around the Piano

Funny how life deals its hand isn’t it.  I believe if Stan could go back and ‘know then what he knows now’ perhaps he would have learned to play the piano or another musical instrument that would still be alive today.  Not that there is anything wrong with playing football, but, at 40 I would much rather spend my time playing the piano than trying to play football.

Ric Overton


Births and Graveyards

Wednesday, April 25th, 2012

Today I wanted to report on the happiest times and saddest times of our lives.  Birth and death.  Of course nothing is cuter and sweeter than a new born baby.  Babies are so adorable and even smell good ( most of the time) they always make you smile.  Conversely, deaths make us sad and graveyards can be so depressing.

Los Angeles Pianos “Play me I’m yours”

Los Angeles (most of you know is my favorite city on the planet) has just started placing these cool pianos all over the city.  I am not sure how many they are actually placing but, the designs are really cool and make you smile.

In an interview yesterday one of the guys who was behind getting these pianos put in place said that the most important thing in this ‘show’ was to get people playing the piano and get people interested in playing the piano and perhaps getting people who used to play  – playing again.  The statement was also made somewhere that “making music come alive inside of someone” is the primary goal.

I think this is one of the coolest promotions ever.  Take a look at the promotion website

Click here to see cool video

Click To See Video

Click To See Video


It so exciting to see people getting surprised by seeing a piano sitting in the middle of the sidewalk and then sit down and play.  They just make you smile.


Yesterday I got this email from a friend and was surprised, disgusted and all around sad to see the caption of the picture and hear the story of how people just DUMP these pianos in this one particular place.  It makes me sad that people just discard of these instruments as if they are just old pieces of dead wood that has no life.

I suppose if you look at it through the eyes of a person who doesn’t play, it really is just a piece of dead –  worthless wood.  But, somehow it just breaks my heart to see this and to know how much joy this instrument bought into someones life and how full the piano made the home feel and the people that may have stood around it and sang Christmas carols, well,  you get the point.

Piano Graveyard

Piano Graveyard


Not sure how you feel, but, I like the first picture better than this one.

Bring life into your home today – start playing.

Ric Overton

Which Way Do I Go ?

Tuesday, April 24th, 2012

I always loved the cartoon on Saturday morning and the main character’s big quote was always “Which way do I go”

Pianos and The Piano Business

Many of you know that I am fascinated with pianos.  The instrument itself is an incredible work of art.  Knowing that over 15,000 parts goes into making an instrument and that someone has to put all of that together brings the entire picture to life for me every time I look at a piano.

From the mid-1700’s and the introduction of the piano from Christophori and Silbermann and the whole history from then until now is enough to make the hairs on my arms stand up.  This truly is my passion and I could spend hours talking, hearing and reading about it.

Back to the point.  After the past couple of years that I have been writing this blog and writing on various subjects I am not sure that you enjoy the subject matter that I choose.

Marketing Solutions

As part of what I have been doing since the closing of the PianoSD retail showroom, I have been working with social media marketing and helping solve the social media issue with some small business owners from around the country.  This has been a successful venture and I have been satisfied with the results.

Marketing can be hard if you dont understand it and how it works together to create the big picture.  I am not going to suggest that I know it all but, I do understand how it all comes together and I had some successes with customers in constructing and managing the marketing and social media side of the business.

My question to the blog reader is that what you want to read about when you come to PianoSD.  We have made many efforts and hours of work to bring together all of the information that we can gather about pianos, piano teachers, tuners, movers and more.  Now we are trying to bring everything together INCLUDING YOU.


Engagement is the life blood of  any website.  We really want to give you what you want to read about and find the information that you want to know about.  We really need your help.

Please tell us what you would like for us to provide for you.  Feel free to leave a response or email us through the website ‘contact us’ about topics and thoughts you may have.

Is there anything on the site that you don’t want to see or something that seems missing you would like to see?  Please tell us.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Ric Overton

Meet Lucas Denzer

Sunday, April 22nd, 2012

Lucas Denzer an Oregon native came by The Piano Outlet in Nipomo, Ca. and introduced himself some weeks ago.  Since then we have developed a friendship and more importantly we found common ground for him to organize and open one of the first academies for piano on the Central Coast of California specifically, Nipomo, Ca. called Lucas Piano Academy.   You may find out more information at

I hope you enjoy our brief conversation today.

Ric Overton

Cecil Ramirez at SoCal Pianos in San Marcos and Ontario California

Saturday, April 7th, 2012

Announcing SoCal Pianos concert with Cecil Ramirez.  Great concert event you cant miss.  Also some chatter about piano teachers.

Ric Overton


Cecil Ramirez at SoCal Pianos

Cecil Ramirez at SoCal Pianos

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