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Tuesday, February 12th, 2019

I have written about these guys before several years ago. I just had to spend a moment talking about them again.


Hope Walter and her husband Kevin have an unrivaled team of professional piano movers at Walter Piano Transport . They expertly execute professional and private piano moves all over the United States.


Some wrongly assume they can handle their piano move by themselves. They put their prized possession in the hands of furniture movers who know nothing (all though all movers say they handle pianos) about moving pianos.

I get calls on a regular basis from customers who have moved across country or across the state or across town complaining that they have lost parts of their grand pianos or have a broken pedal on their upright. Worse yet, there are a lot of broken legs and damaged case parts because “the guy who said he knows how to move pianos” doesn’t.

Hope and her staff are not only pros at moving but more importantly, they love what they do and do it with the care your piano needs.


Generally speaking they are going to need to know where you are moving from and if there are any steps, strange turns, etc. Then, of course, they need to know if they are moving an upright or a grand and what size they are. If you are not sure, if you can provide a model of your piano they can help figure that out.

Trust me – if you are moving across the country trust a group of professionals to handle the job. You will be glad you did. Take a look at their website here, give them a call and get a quote on your next job.

Ric Overton

Passion for Pianos

Wednesday, August 10th, 2011

I have been ready a really good book about passion.  NO! Not the sexual kind.  Passion is the thing that invades your mind all of the time.  The thing that you think of at odd times.  The thing that draws your mind away when you think of something funny or sad.  Passion.  Its the thing that drives people to do what they do.

Pianos are truly my passion.  I know most people never think of it.  When I look at pianos I think about all of the hands that worked on 15,000 parts to put it all together.  I see the trees in the forest being cut down and then crafted into the wooden parts that are used in the piano.  The sheep that were sheared to get the wools.  The hands that were used to make the strings, not to mention the assembly.

European pianos, Asian pianos or American pianos.  Its the same all around.  So much handcraftsmenship that went into each and every single piano that is constructed regardless of the point of origin.

Since I have moved to Nipomo, Ca, just south of San Luis Obispo and north of Santa Maria.  When Bob opened his satelite store in Nipomo and I moved here, I have learned to slow down a little (at least in some ways) I have started enjoying life a little more.  This crazy passion for pianos seems to multiply.

Pianos are a world wide statement.  They are one of the most widely accepted musical instruments and I am truly proud when someone asks me what I do to say, I’m in the piano business.  I really want to see the piano to make a ressurgence in the market place.  Its very tough in the present economic situations and many people are deciding to work outside of our industry.  Yet, when you sit down at a piano and start to play people smile.

I love our teachers, technicians, tuners, movers as well as artists, dealers,etc.  I do wish you the very best.  Hope to see you soon.


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