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Wednesday, January 30th, 2019

NAMM 2019 has been as exciting as ever. There are a few highlights that I need to tell you about. Lots of products are the same as always but there are a few things that are so different that they have to be talked about and noticed.


Some of the differences are so out of the ordinary that I will try and break them down by brand name to make it easier to understand.

The highlights include Sauter, Steingraeber, Brodmann, Geyer, Gebr. Schulz and Wilh. Steinberg and others, Grotrian gets special mention along with a couple of others.

While I am here I am going to make every attempt to interview each of these companies and get their thoughts of the changes and report accordingly.

Its always great to see old friends and meet new ones, see the exciting products and visit with newcomers. All in all I feel as if NAMM 2019 has been a great success.

Of all the news I have heard, Every single dealer has expressed an uptick in business in 2018 and a bright expectation of 2019. More on that to come.

The show was incredible and as far as I can tell every single manufacturer had the same opinion and that was that the dealers and people “in the know” we happy with the results and optimistic about our future.

Some highlights will follow.

Ric Overton


Wednesday, January 16th, 2019

There will be over 24 important piano related vendors at this years show. You can find the directory here

Practically anyone can attend as long as you go through the proper steps. I would suggest becoming a member to everyone. NAMM is an important part of the music industry. Each year NAMM will bring together the right blend of people that shapes the music industry as we know it. For more information on becoming a member click here.


This is a time that education becomes vitally important. NAMM will present an entire wing again this year which will focus on education. If you want to hear about new teaching techniques or partner with another teacher on the other side of the globe, NAMM 2019 will be the time to make that happen. More information about the learning center is here.


Friday night and Saturday night at 5:30 feel free to join us for a ROOMFUL OF PIANOS on the 3rd floor. I was there last year and it was quite exciting. Some very talented musicians gather there to play all of the pianos and it was very entertaining.


Don’t miss this years NAMM show. It promises to be a very special event.

NAMM 2019 Is Coming

Thursday, January 10th, 2019


I have said many times that the holiday season for me starts in October with Halloween, then Thanksgiving, Christmas, of course, New Years and finally NAMM. This year is no exception. I am always very excited when NAMM arrives.

For some people NAMM is a drudgery of 2 days of set up, 4 days of standing and hard work. For me it has always been fun to show our latest projects, see what other people are doing and having the opportunity to build relationships.

Lots of great opportunities await us each year as NAMM opens. NAMM has been in the business of team building and relationship among people for many years and is still going strong.


The piano world has suffered some set backs in the past and continues to have its challenges. However, all in all the piano business seems to be holding its own and the dealers that have embrace the internet are being successful.

Each year in January NAMM has four unbelievable days that allow the most popular manufacturers, distributors and music companies to show their wares. This is our chance to see and sample different products.

Most every piano company, keyboard company, organ company in the world will attend on some level.


People from all over the world will gather for 4 days where we have the opportunity to do business or simply develop a relationship. this is the reason for NAMM.

In my next article I am going to discuss who will be there and what you can expect if you are attending.


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