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Grotrian Piano

Saturday, January 13th, 2024

Grotrian Piano

Grotrian PianoThe Grotrian Piano company has been renowned for its exceptional craftsmanship, and exquisite tonal quality for over 180 years. Grotrian offers a unique combination of tradition, and innovation, that sets them apart in the world of fine European pianos.

What makes Grotrian pianos stand out?

One of the key factors that makes Grotrian pianos exceptional is their unparalleled craftsmanship and design. Each piano is meticulously handcrafted by skilled artisans, ensuring that every detail is perfected to achieve the highest level of quality. This dedication to craftsmanship results in pianos that are beautiful to look at but also a joy to play.

Furthermore, Grotrian pianos are celebrated for their exquisite tonal quality. The company’s commitment to producing the finest sound has earned them a reputation for creating pianos that deliver a rich musical experience.

In addition to their craftsmanship and tonal quality, Grotrian pianos also stand out for their innovative technology integration. The company continuously explores advancements in piano design and cutting-edge technology to enhance the overall performance of their instruments.

Where can I purchase a Grotrian piano?

Grotrian PianoIf you are considering purchasing a Grotrian piano, there are several options available to you. Authorized dealers and showrooms such as R. Kassman Piano in Berkeley, CA are ideal places to explore and experience the range of Grotrian pianos in person. Here, you can receive expert guidance from Ric Overton who can assist you in finding the perfect piano for you.

Are Grotrian pianos worth the investment?

Investing in a Grotrian piano offers long-term value. These pianos are built to last for generations, making them a cherished heirloom that can be passed down. Their enduring quality and timeless appeal ensure that they hold their value over time.

When considering the value of Grotrian pianos, it is essential to compare them with other fine European pianos. Grotrian stands out as a premier choice among connoisseurs and musicians alike. With a reputation for excellence that is upheld by numerous testimonials and reviews from satisfied customers and renowned artists.

What are the unique features of Grotrian pianos?

Grotrian pianos offer a range of unique features that set them apart from other instruments. One of these features is the ability for customization. Customers have the opportunity to tailor certain aspects of the piano to their preferences, allowing for a bespoke musical experience.

Moreover, Grotrian pianos are crafted using premium materials, ensuring that each instrument meets the highest standards of quality and durability. This meticulous attention to materials results in pianos that not only look stunning but also perform at the highest level for years to come.

Additionally, Grotrian pianos boast exclusive design elements that contribute to their distinctive aesthetic appeal and innovative functionality, further enhancing the overall musical experience for players and listeners alike.

How does the Grotrian piano compare to other high-end pianos?

When comparing Grotrian pianos to other high-end instruments, it’s important to consider other renowned brands such as Estonia and Steingraeber along with Wilh. Steinberg. While these manufacturers produce exceptional pianos in their own right, Grotrian offers unique advantages and benefits that set them apart.

Comparison with other Fine European Pianos underscores Grotrian’s commitment to innovation, precision, and artistry, qualities that contribute to their exceptional reputation and desirability among discerning musicians and collectors. The advantages of choosing a Grotrian piano extend beyond its superior craftsmanship and tonal quality, offering an unmatched musical experience that resonates with the most seasoned performers and aficionados of fine pianos.

R. Kassman Piano

R. Kassman PianoR. Kassman Piano has been happy to provide Grotrian Piano for many years. Ric Overton is more confident than ever in the Grotrian brand. This is one of the reasons that some people consider R. Kassman Piano to be the best piano store in the bay area.

Ric OvertonRic Overton

Finding a Piano In San Francisco

Tuesday, January 9th, 2024

This article is about finding a piano in San Francisco. I recently wrote a blog at R. Kassman Piano about how to find a piano on sale. It is a simple little article about how simple it is to find a piano that is on sale.

R. Kassman Piano, finding a piano in San Francisco
R. Kassman Piano

In the article I explain my long career in the piano industry and how R. Kassman Piano is my latest destination. I hope that this article will explain to you how I feel this is the best piano store in the bay area and how dealing with Ric Overton will be simple and easy.

It is paramount that you find the piano that is right for you and I hope to be part of your journey. Finding a piano in San Francisco is not difficult if you deal with us. Feel free to drop in at R. Kassman Piano and say hello. I want to show you why we feel this is the best piano store in the bay area. I will be happy to meet you.

R. Kassman has always had a reputation of selling the very best piano for the very best price. 40 years later that tradition continues. This is whole idea behind what we do. I strive to find really good pianos at the very best possible price and that is what we sell.

Even though we are known for fine European pianos, we also have many more affordable pianos available that are fully serviced, covered by a warranty and ready for you to enjoy in your home.

Feel free to click on our link and look around and you will see some of our offerings. I know you can find the piano of your dreams. I will be happy to help you.

Thank you for reading

Ric Overton

Finding A Piano On Sale

Sunday, January 7th, 2024

Finding A Piano On Sale

Finding a piano on sale is not difficult. Trying to Find the right piano for YOU might be a different thing.

Interestingly, When you look around on the internet you find all types of sales. Some offer you savings by using “a year free financing”, “up to 70% off, and the list goes on. These sales are misleading or simply false.

Let’s go about sales in a different way. Find the piano that is right for you. Find the right price for you that makes you (the customer) feel comfortable with it. Of course, this is not the norm for the way it’s supposed to work, BUT, it seems to work just fine for me.

Consequently, In the past 40 years, R. Kassman has never been noted to be the “low price leader”. What has always been the norm for R. Kassman is finding the right piano for each customer and then the price comes next. However, Who cares how much it is if you don’t like it? It matters that you are happy with the right piano for you.

R. Kassman PianoRic Overton has been the catalyst for much of what we are talking about here. I believe that the most important person is the customer and then the piano and next the price. Not visa versa.

For over 40 years R. Kassman has been known as a Fine European Piano Store and that legacy remains the same.

I look forward to serving you at the best piano store in the bay area.

Ric Overton

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