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Finding A Piano On Sale

Finding A Piano On Sale

Finding a piano on sale is not difficult. Trying to Find the right piano for YOU might be a different thing.

Interestingly, When you look around on the internet you find all types of sales. Some offer you savings by using “a year free financing”, “up to 70% off, and the list goes on. These sales are misleading or simply false.

Let’s go about sales in a different way. Find the piano that is right for you. Find the right price for you that makes you (the customer) feel comfortable with it. Of course, this is not the norm for the way it’s supposed to work, BUT, it seems to work just fine for me.

Consequently, In the past 40 years, R. Kassman has never been noted to be the “low price leader”. What has always been the norm for R. Kassman is finding the right piano for each customer and then the price comes next. However, Who cares how much it is if you don’t like it? It matters that you are happy with the right piano for you.

R. Kassman PianoRic Overton has been the catalyst for much of what we are talking about here. I believe that the most important person is the customer and then the piano and next the price. Not visa versa.

For over 40 years R. Kassman has been known as a Fine European Piano Store and that legacy remains the same.

I look forward to serving you at the best piano store in the bay area.

Ric Overton

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