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Saturday, March 2nd, 2019

In 1877 A. Geyer Piano Company began in Eisenberg, Thuringia Germany. At that point in piano history Eisenberg was an important area for building pianos. At that time they also made pianos for other companies as well.

The New A. Geyer Piano Company

While strict attention to detail is still a major point of what they do, the company has changed a bit. The new company is headquartered in Wiesbaden, Germany. Christoph Schulz is a fifth-generation piano builder. His partner is Frederik Steffes who is the former owner of Wilh Steinberg factory. Rounding out the trio is Colin Taylor, formerly with Bosendorfer and former partner of Joseph Brodmann Group.

Colin Taylor

The actual manufacturing of the piano located in an area just outside of Shanghai (another major area for piano building). Additionally, the piano is still designed by the German engineers. As a result, The founding trio says that they believe the German techniques and Chinese resources have led them to a superior product for a lower price.


A. Geyer piano has three uprights and five grands in their lineup. As a result, several parts of the piano are made in China, many of the musical parts of the piano are made in in Europe. German Wurzen felt is used for the upright hammers, and Abel hammers for the grands. All pianos have a solid-spruce-core veneered soundboard and Japanese Suzuki strings. Additionally, the actions are designed by Germany and assembled in China. All pianos are carefully examined by European craftsmen before shipment.

A. Geyer Upright Piano NAMM 2019

How Can I Find The A. Geyer Piano

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