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My Passion

If you have read my blogs at all, you know my biggest passion in life is the piano.  There are a million reasons why but, I absolutely love this business.

The people, teachers, technicians, dealers, enthusiasts, students and suppliers all work together to one common goal and that is simply to make music.  Making music is the bringing together of all types of talents and joys in every walk of life to make a melody line and a chord structure.

We have all suffered the economic downturns, some more than others but, through it all we have banded together to create a new world in the music business.

As the changes in our website begin to take place I am getting more excited about the changes and really are expecting some really big accomplishments as we begin the process of changing the site over to a social directory, pulling all of the talents and names and information together.

We are looking forward to serving the music community and hope that you will all stick with us and make suggestions when you can.


Ric Overton

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