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Never Too Late

To learn to play the piano

Never to late to learn It’s never too late to learn to play the piano I recently wrote an article in the news section of This is the other blog that I often write for. The article was about learning to play the piano as an older adult.

There is an article in AARP this month that discusses at length the importance of learning to play a musical instrument. It will help you as you age because it keeps you mind alert and your motor skills working.

it's never to late to learn to play the piano Constantly, I am amazed at the amount of older people who are learning to play the piano in their advanced age. I put some links for people over 100 years old that enjoying the thrill of playing the piano.

Consequently, This is the reason I found it so important to explain why I think it’s never too late to learn to play the piano.

The Article

If you get a chance to hop over to my other blog at R. Kassman Piano and take a look at it.

Ric Overton

I that you will enjoy the article. Perhaps it will motivate you to do the same thing OR support someone who does.

Thank you

Ric Overton

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