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It is with great pleasure that we introduce Mr. Ulrich Sauter tonight at PianoSD

I am very excited about having Mr. Sauter in our store today.  He is a treasure in the piano industry.  He has a very interesting opinion on piano building and is very understanding about what is taking place on the manufacturing end of the business.  His insight has been quite valuable to me in my business.

The first time I played a Sauter was year before last when the Peter Maly was delivered to our store for inspection.  From the first time I layed my hands on the keyboard I was in love.  My preference has always been an entirely different type of piano.  The action, tone, clarity, feel of the piano was something I was not prepared to experience.  I did my due diligence as a business man and did my homework on the piano and the person and learned that this man is an icon not only in Germany but, around the world.

Tonight from 6-8 he will be here to answer questions and talk about pianos and the industry to give everyone a better more concise view of what is happening industry wide as far as manufacturing is concerned.

Love to get a chance to meet you.

Ric Overton

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