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Dr. Indrek Laul President of Estonia Piano

Today I was sent a video that I had never seen although the date stamp points back to a 2008 fundraiser for U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor.  I was surprised by the performer who was Dr. Indrek Laul .  I consider Dr. Laul a friend or at least a  very good acquaintance and was a little embarrassed that I was not aware of his musical talent to the extent that this video shows.  See the video below.  It is the full composition by Gershwin so it is about 13 or 14 minutes.  Even if you can’t watch the entire video, bookmark it and come back to it – you will want to experience the last 3 minutes.

I am not a professional critic but I will tell you that this was an amazing performance.

Dr. Laul is one of the nicest men in the piano business.  As the President of Estonia Piano you would assume a certain “air” but, none exists.  He always has time to talk and is a  true gentleman in every sense of the word.

The other thing that makes Dr. Laul stand out is the piano that he creates.  The Estonia piano is absolutely incredible.

Estonia is named after its country of origin.  The Repbulic of Estonia is a small state in Northern Europe.  After many years of civil unrest, the collapse of the Soviet Union, the changes in manufacturing abilities, etc.  the company emerged in 2001 under the ownership of Dr. Laul.  It has turned into a sought after piano and well respected because of its power, tone and clarity.   Like many European companies Estonia does not produce a lot of pianos yearly, somewhere between 300-400 depending on demands, but many people are  amazed at its quality control and the incredible prep work that is done by the Manufacturer itself.

Estonia Piano


Dr. Laul is a graduate of the famous Julliard School of Music and has been named as one of the top 100 students.  His performance in the video above should prove why he could get that kind of endorsement.

Dr. Indrek Laul – President of Estonia Piano


I know that people like Dr. Laul and others will never get the media attention like Mark Zuckerberg or Donald Trump (although I think they deserve it) these people bring something to us that is much more important and that is MUSIC.  More specifically, PIANOS.  Most of you who follow my blog, podcasts or videos already know my opinion about Pianos and Piano Music but, I believe these guys should be recognized world wide as superstars and heralded as the most important people of our time.

If there was more music and appreciation for music I truly believe there would be less war and crime.

Thank you Dr. Laul for carrying on the tradition.

Ric Overton

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