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More about the history of pianos

Sunday, February 20th, 2011

Cristofori had made a HUGE impact on keyboard instruments by inventing and producing the first of what would become known as the piano.  Although the initial pianos  were an incredible feat, there was an incredible difference between what was originally created and what we now know.

The first actions were different in many ways.  First, the sound was not as strong as what we presently enjoy.  There were a number of reasons why.  One of the reasons was that the soundboard of the piano was made differently and the ability of the artist to project at the volumes that are now possible was not possible with the soundboard of that era.

Strings were another issue.  At the time, the string makers had not yet made it possible to produce strings with the diameter that are produced presently.  They did not have the technology to understand that the bass strings could be wrapped with copper and the inside diameter of the strings could be increased in order to make a larger sound.

The biggest differences would come in the action of the piano.  The action of that era was not only uneven but, the hammers were not controllable.  The hammers could not strike the strings with the same velocity and with the same power that we have now.  The action was somewhat more fragile and strike points were somewhat different and all of this added to the resistance that the artist felt when he/she began to play.

It has been said that “they just aren’t made like they used to be” and that is very true.  When I am asked my opinion I often respond with “you are correct.  Its better”.

I hope to be able to explain this in more detail in the next few blogs.

Ric Overton

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