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Fine European Pianos

Fine European Pianos at R. Kassman Piano

When R. Kassman Piano first opened its doors in San Francisco in 1979, their aim was to bring Fine European Pianos to the area. Mr. Kassman quickly became a powerhouse in the bay area by offering top-notch Fine European Pianos. He even proudly adopted the title of “purveyor of fine pianos” to set himself apart from other piano dealers in the bay area. 

Steingraeber Piano

Okay, get ready to experience the top of the line German piano brand, Steingraeber, offered by R. Kassman. Steingraeber has consistently been recognized as the pinnacle of Fine European Pianos. Situated in Bayreuth Germany, they are known for hosting exceptional piano competitions and performances. Obviously, this is a brand you won’t want to miss out on!

Additionally, Steingraeber also builds one of the very finest pianos available on the planet. It is important to note that they also build one of the most expensive pianos as well.

Understandably, you simply have to experience this piano for yourself to understand its incredible sound and touch. It’s the top-rated choice but, if you’re serious about spending time at the piano, Steingraeber is the ultimate option for you.

Grotrian Piano

Grotrian Piano Grotrian piano is also in a league of its own. The sound of the Grotrian combined with the touch makes Grotrian one of the top ranking pianos.

Of course, when I bought the store from Mr. Kassman, I made a choice of was the best option for the business. Grotrian was the right choice.

Throughout the year, R. Kassman Piano has been busy selling and ordering Grotrian pianos for our customers. These pianos consistently arrive in pristine, top-notch condition, and it’s a rare occasion for us to have to make any adjustments to their sound or regulation.

While looking for one of the finest (ranked in the top 5 in Piano Buyer) pianos,then Grotrian is a piano that you have to experience.

Estonia Piano

Anyone who follows my blogs will know how much I love Estonia pianos. The tone is quite nice. It always comes in very smooth. It has a slightly brighter tone than some of it’s European counterparts but it’s not a percussive type of bright but more of a sparkling sound.

Obviously, the touch is incredible. R. Kassman Piano sells approximately 5 to 6 of these magnificent pianos a year and I am happy to be able to represent this work of art.

R. Kassman Piano

R. Kassman PianoR. Kassman has held the title of best piano store in the bay area for Fine European Pianos since 1979. I was truly grateful when I was given the chance to become part of this incredible legacy. He specifically mentioned that one of the reasons he reached out to me was because he knew my passion for European Pianos. 

Ric Overton has had a passion for exquisite pianos for a long time. The first time I played a Grotrian, I wasn’t as knowledgeable about sounds and touch as I am now, but I remember being blown away by the sparkling sound. I was completely amazed and couldn’t even find the right words to express it. 

Take the opportunity to drop by and play a European Piano at the best piano store in the Bay Area at R. Kassman Piano soon.

Thank you.

Ric Overton

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