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Having fun in piano classes

Sunday, May 16th, 2010

Hopefully, you are not bored with the whole talk about piano lessons, but, I cant help myself.  For the past few weeks I have been having the joy of teaching a few  guys in  our group lesson on Play Piano in a Flash by Scott Houston on Tuesday nights.

I can’t tell you how delighted I am with the fact that these guys are really learning to play and doing well at it.  Several weeks ago when we first started with them they were not able to play at all and after 8 weeks or so, they are playing several songs.  Their ability to learn and develop thier own skills has been amazing.  They are understanding just how simple it is to learn to play the piano and having fun doing it.

All of them are at the point in the learning process that they are beginning to pick up things on thier own now  and getting an idea of how to play the piano by themselves.  I am very impressed that they are also able to hear thier mistakes AND fix them on thier own.

Learning is a very simple process, mastering it becomes a matter of practice time and being disciplined enough to take the time and practice.  Just like excercise makes your body stronger, practice makes you more comfortable with the piano keys and the more you practice the better you become.

We have private classes through our School of  Music that a person can use the teacher as  a private instructor. Our teacher Marko Paul can lead you in a more tradition style to  understand music in a more tradition way.  I on the other hand break all the rules to make learning a little easier for the adults only.

If you get a chance to enroll in the next Play Piano in a Flash class please do and you can see for yourself just how fun this can be.

Drop by and see us sometime we would love to meet you.

Ric Overton


Thursday, March 4th, 2010

When I first had the idea of (along with some others) I really wanted to underscore the fact that music should be fun and exciting.  All of my life music has been an extension of my mood and personality.  Sometimes quiet and blue other times very emotional and most of the time very up tempo and exciting.  I had not thought of helping others feel what I had felt most of my life.

Last year we began the School of Music.  It immediately grew to an acceptable number and we have been working as status quo for about a year now.  Last month for some reason I had more people than usual question me about our lesson program and how it works.  I answered the questions and it was not until someone expressed to me that their life long dream was to be able to play the piano that I realized status quo was no longer enough.

This brings me to the present.  Marko Paul has done a fantastic job teaching people to play the piano.  I have even taught a few classes myself and had an absolute blast doing it but, now I see that “enough is simply NOT enough”.  Many people are wanting to learn to play the piano and understand music so, we are giving music and music lessons an all out push.

Play Piano in a Flash is one of the classes that we are teaching in a group setting.  It is written by Scott Houston “The Piano Guy” on KPBS.  He plays the piano and teaches the piano in a televised class that he has won four emmys for.  We are his exclusive franchise in San Diego County and have been working with him for over a year now.  I am so excited about this because i get to teach this “easy to learn” class of adults.  We just began a new class last night and it is going great.

Marko is teaching mostly private classes and one on ones with younger and older students and his classes are really growing.  We are considering now a young man to add to the teacher line up and after talking with him last night I cant wait until we are all on board together.

As we are learning and teaching I will add more workshops such as the history of music, the origins of musical instruments and perhaps “how a piano works” class that I get to teach.  I love this class because it is about my real passion.

If you are considering taking piano lessons……..NOW is the time.  In Scott Houston’s words:


Drop by and say hello sometime, we would love to meet you


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