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What’s This I Hear About Mason and Hamlin Pianos?

Thursday, April 16th, 2015

Before I begin I should tell you upfront that Mason and Hamlin is possibly my favorite piano on the planet and “arguably” one of the best-made pianos available today.  It certainly would compare in the “big boy” world of pianos.  Yes, I know all about the European pianos and Steinway.  I am VERY familiar with all of Mason’s counterparts and who competes in the arena of the finest pianos in the world.  I still stand by my assessment of the piano and I believe, if you had the opportunity to experience one like I have you will agree. If you have never had the opportunity to play a Mason and Hamlin piano, get yourself down to the closest dealership and judge for yourself!


Undoubtedly, we all have an opinion about what makes one piano better than the next.  Some people want sound, others want power and still others are looking for touch.  Mason and Hamlin has gone to great lengths to see that what they manufacture (Made in the USA)  is the best in those categories.  The comapny is constantly asking questions of the top technicians in the world about their opinions and making adjustments in order to produce the “perfect” piano

HaverHill, MA

HaverHill, MA

When I toured the Mason and Hamlin factory in October I was amazed at their care and attention to details.  While each of the pianos are manufactured by hand in Haverhill, MA.  they are cared for as if each one were a member of the family.  Small details are addressed as quickly and as accurately as larger issues.  Each and every part is meticulously inspected and each part is handled by a person who is trained to see flaws and blemishes.  Only the very best of parts are used.

For me, the attitude of the company is one of the first things that help sell me on a particular product.  For example, if you have a problem or question, a serious service issue or something very simple, how does the company address those issues and how quickly does the company follow through.  Do they respond in a timely manner or do they respond at all?  As a consumer, this is very important to me.  As a dealer, it becomes even more important to me.

Cecil Ramirez, National Sales Manager, for Mason and Hamlin says “The craftsmen at Mason & Hamlin invest significant time and hard work in executing the designs of our hand-crafted pianos to very strict tolerances with consistency.”

The model line up for Mason is probably the most simple in the industry.  The model 50 is their only upright model  which is 52″.  It comes in several finishes and colors.  The grand model line up  is as follows: B is 5’4″ the model A is 5’8″, the model AA is 6’4″, the model BB is 7′.  The line up finishes with a CC which is an astounding 9’4″.  So they feature for 1 upright and 5 grands.

I will feature the model 50 in an upcoming article.  Meanwhile, enjoy the great sounds of Prince Charming above.

Ric Overton in Burbank, CA.

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