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New Announcements

Wednesday, June 9th, 2010

As many of you know, has been working very hard to establish itself as the place in San Diego to get your piano, classes, moving (with Precision Piano, tuning (with Accutone Piano Tuning –, your source for recitals in our Performance Hall and piano classes.  We have decided to step out in faith and have hired a professional who is very well versed in Pianos and Piano Music to head our education department.  We realize the importance of music education and the benefit to each of our customers as well as the community.  This is the reason we are quite excited to present the newest addition to the family: Leighanne Twaddle.

Leighanne Twaddle has joined PianoSD as Director of Music Education.  She comes from Scottsdale, AZ where she taught music in the Scottsdale School District for 31 years.  She has been a church choral director and accompanist and a private piano teacher for over 25 years. Last June Leighanne had the opportunity to sing in Carnegie Hall under the direction of Greg Gilpin and Joseph Martin.  She carries the honors of the Scottsdale Charros Teacher of the Year and Who’s Who Among Educators.  Leighanne belongs to many professional organizations including MENC, American College of Musicians-National Guild of Piano Teachers, and National Federation of Music Clubs.  Leighanne received her Bachelor of Music degree from Arizona State University and her Master’s of Arts in Education degree from the University of Phoenix.

Among Leighanne’s responsibilities are building our School of Music and our sheet music department.   We have customers that come into our store on a regular basis from San Marcos, Carlsbad, Rancho Santa Fe and of course La Jolla as well as many other parts of the surrounding areas because they love the atmosphere at PianoSD  and enjoy our concept.  We are a very unique piano dealer, so whether you need to talk about learning piano, teaching piano, tuning your piano, moving your piano or owning a piano we will always be delighted to help you.

Stop by when you get a chance, meet Leighanne we would certainly enjoy meeting you.

Ric Overton

Cross Country Shippers

Thursday, May 27th, 2010

I have had several calls about cross country shipping and what to do with the piano.  Hopefully, I might be able to give you some insight as to what we look at.

We do cross country moves in conjunction with another company that actually takes the piano from our storage facility here at in Mission Valley in San Diego, Ca. and delivers it to the location that it is going to.  Here’s how it works:

You have a need to move your piano from here to another state or a distance that is further than our normal Southern California route.  Precision Piano Moving at goes and picks your piano up and brings it to our facility here.  We prearrange a pick up with a company called Walter Piano Transport out of Indiana.

Walter Piano  Transport guys are the only guys in the country that I would trust my most valuable possession (my piano) or (your piano)to travel a long distance. They blanket your piano carefully and secure it in their trailers that are designed to move pianos only.  They do not move cars, furniture or motorcycles, only pianos.  Thier website is and the ladies are Hope and Tina and can most definitely answer your questions and take care of you.Moving the piano securely

Once they pick the piano up from our facility it is then carried either directly to its destination or to a piano moving service in your area where they can trust it to be offloaded and delivered in a timely and safe manner.

Moving in a long haul trailer that is packed with all types of furniture, and other belongings can be quite difficult on a piano particularly when the people that are moving are inexperienced.  Moving is never easy but especially when it comes to a piano.  All kinds of tragic stories come to the  office here about people getting pianos that have been scratched, damaged or harmed in some way.  The easiest, cheapest and best alternative is to hire a professional.

Local moves have certainly been addressed on our blog before but as a reminder moves pianos in Southern California from Carlsbad, San Marcos, Rancho Santa Fe, La Jolla and even as far north as Los Angeles. We move with a company that is called Precision Piano Moving at they also work in tandem with our tuner Paul McCloud at Accutone Piano Tuning to tune the piano after delivery.  Walter Transport is our only choice on long distant moves at

Stop by and see us sometime, we would love to meet you.

Ric Overton

Piano moving is an art form

Saturday, May 15th, 2010

We have talked about some basics in Piano regulation, Piano tuning and Piano voicing this week.  I wanted to talk about Piano Moving and tell you some things that you may or may not be aware of.

While PianoSD uses Paul McCloud at Accutone Piano Service, for our all of our piano techinician needs.  We use Precision Piano Moving at for all of our moves and heres a few reasons why.

A few of the things that have to be seen and realized about moving pianos is that it is important to understand where the piano is now in relation to where it is going.  For example if it is coming out of a home that is in a humid area or dry area it has to be  taken into consideration.

Precision Piano Movers located in the PianoSD building in Mission Valley, San Diego, Ca moves a lot of pianos every week.  We see them coming from very dry areas moving to very humid areas and vice versa.  When a piano is leaving one climate for another, or from a room that is cool to a fully sunlit room the piano needs to go through an acclimation time of up to three months depending on the extremes in changes.  After the acclimation time the piano should be tuned and if needed a regulation, and voicing would be in order.

Upright pianos are generally the easiest to move.   If the piano is going upstairs Precision would simply bring the necessary tools and equipment to do this.  Of course, some “upright” pianos are 36″ tall while others may be up to 52″.  This is  important information for your movers to know BEFORE they arrive to move your piano.  If the legs are decorative, they are wrapped up and blankets are put around the piano for safe keeping and then the piano is placed on a four wheel dolly and taken to the truck for transportation to its destination.

Grand pianos can be a little more challenging.  Most of the time one leg is taken off and balanced on the lyre that has been very quilted for strength.  It is laid on its side and stood upright.  Then the other two legs and lyre come off .  It is blanketed and put on a skid board, transferred to a dolly and then put on the truck for transportation.  The important thing is how many steps is it going down (or up) and what kind of equipment should be used needs to be understood BEFORE the piano is moved.

Regardless of whether the customer is using Precision Piano Moving or some other company, it is important to note that you should NEVER trust someone who is not a professional piano mover to move your piano and MOST DEFINITELY do not move it alone.  To many injuries and to many accidents are caused every year by people who try to do this by themselves.

Drop by sometime we would love to meet you.

Ric Overton

Happy New Year

Friday, January 1st, 2010

I was talking to a customer today that told me she would be very happy to see 2009 go.  I understand why she felt that way but, 2009 has been a decent year for us.

I met some great people.  Had lots of fun teaching.  The students have all been a lot of fun.  Sold some pianos to very satisfied customers.  Learned that I could make it in the face of some undeniably difficult times.  Found the strength, energy and will to walk in the door every morning with a smile on my face and expecting great things.

Precision Piano Moving has had a great year, Accutone Piano Tuning has had a great year, the Roland Learning Center has had a great year and in each one of these categories they have had a better year than last.  PianoSD has been affected to the extent that while 2008 saw more sales than 2009 by a very slim margin, the other departments were able to contribute and has given us a year that ,while not increasing in sales, has not plummeted like so many others.

God has blessed us and shown us that we are able to make it and by His grace we will continue.

What about 2010 ?

We are planning great things for 2010.  I can’t make all the announcements yet, but, be prepared to see some eyebrows lifted.  I can’t wait.

In the meantime, stop by and say hello.  I would love to meet you.

HAPPY NEW YEAR TO EVERYBODY and remember to watch our TV show on Monday at 7.  Just log into and click on “watch our latest videos”.


Friday, August 14th, 2009

We have been working on so many projects this month it has been difficult to find enough time to report it all.

First of all, the top news is that we will be working with a new education platfrom that is designed to teach special need kids how to play the piano.  Cathy Hirata and her group will be joining us in September to host some workshops and teacher/parent meetings to discuss how teaching special needs children is so important today.  I can’t wait to tell you about the corporations and organizations that will be involved and how such an outstanding program will benefit all of San Diego.  More exciting news to follow.

Our new ad for Bechstein “the worlds finest piano” broke this week in Premier magazine.  We are going to be showing off at a beautiful home in Rancho Santa Fe next weekend.  I will try to get the announcement out in the blog this week.  You are all invited, details to follow.

Band instrument business is beginning to heat up.  We are going to continue this year supplying some of the local organizations with band instruments.  This is a very exciting business.

I had the occasion to go to the Zoo last night and watched all of the kids dancing and commented on how excited they were about music and how much they all seemed to love it.  I must say that it was really cute to watch the kids dancing while the sound of the small band was playing right outside of a food court.  I wish for each of them to grow up loving music and learning how to play is such a fun and great experience.

Of course we are still hosting the piano at the Chargers stadium this year.  Our first game is tomorrow.  Hopefully this will prove to be an exciting season for them.

Precision Piano Movers located here in the building with us has asked me to let you know that they are able to help you when you need your piano moved or stored.

Drop by sometime, we would love to meet you.


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