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I spoke with Ron Morebello last night

Sunday, October 25th, 2009

He seems to be doing pretty good.  He’s planning to come home this week.  Tim and I are going over to see him after the store closes tonight.

The big news will be coming this week.  Along with Where Music Begins for the special needs kids we are going to branch out into a totally new media for us and I am quite excited about it.  Stay tuned for updates coming this week.

Drop by and say hello sometime we would love to meet you.


Tuesday, October 20th, 2009

Ron Morebello has come through his surgery and is awake and alert today.  He is making great progress and the entire music community is greatful.  Keep Ron and Wayne in your thoughts and prayers while he makes his recovery.

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How We Create

Tuesday, October 20th, 2009
Saturday, November 7th at 3:00 PM


What a great day

Monday, October 19th, 2009

I enjoyed the duet competition by CAPMT today.  Tim Broadway did a great job along with thejudges in bringing another competition to a close.  The participants had the unique opportunity to play a brand new, out of the box Bechstein 7′.  This is such a great instrument everybody was impressed.

Tomorrow is the workshop with Keith Snell and it should be a fantastic event with one of today’s most popular writers.  I hope to see you there.

I am working on yet another project that should really surprise everyone.  I am hoping to have it all completed in a couple of weeks and I cant wait to share the new project with all of you.

Please stop by and say hello I would love to meet you.

Ric Overton

Saturday Concert

Thursday, October 15th, 2009

Copy of Concerts 007

The concert Saturday with the Kensington Trio was incredible.  It is always a pleasure to have such talented people perform here at PianoSD in San Diego.  It was also great to hear the C. Bechstein perform so smoothly.

On a personal note, please remember Ron in your prayers this week as he recovers from surgery.  We all hope for a speedy recovery

Stop by and say hello, we would love to meet you.


A special note

Tuesday, October 13th, 2009

This week we started our classes here at PianoSD for kids with special needs.  It would not have been possible without the help and support of our local music community and some of the people in San Diego that have helped us.  This week we had two or three students in class that played for the first time and it was very exciting to see their faces.

Our fall piano classes are filling up and everything is beginning to buzz around here.  People are tuning and moving their pianos and buying new pianos and digital pianos and it has been a lot of fun to see all of the activity.

We just got a 7 ft Bechstien which we will start to tune and prep this week for a special competition coming this weekend with CAPMT.  We will soon have three or four new Sauters to play and I can’t be happier.  This week we received a number of used and rebuilt Yamaha grands and uprights that are being tuned and prepped.

I am personally very excited to see the changes that are taking place and very thankful that we are starting to grow.  I will keep you informed as we go along.

Thank you for helping to make this a very exciting time at PianoSD and please drop by, introduce yourself and visit for a while.

Ric Overton

Musical Notes

Friday, October 2nd, 2009

I wanted to add a comment about Lovely’s Music.

Tracy has really done a great job getting  Lovely’s Music set up and business is going really good.  I was talking with her a few weeks ago and learned that she can easily sell her music for the same prices as people are getting on the internet thousands of miles away.

I am mentioning this only because I hope that before you log in to a website that offers sheet music, instruction music for any instrument or anything with lines and dots on a printed page you will give her a call to find out if she can get what you are wanting or needing.  Her website is and her email is

Please support your local businesses before going to complete strangers we all benefit from it.


Ric Overton

Thank you

Friday, October 2nd, 2009

I wanted to take a couple of seconds to tell you how much I appreciate the outpouring of interest we have had in the new programs we are offering here at

Cathy Hirata and Dayna Hoff were here Wednesday night and rolled out thier plans for the new classes we are offering for kids with special needs.  Cathy explained how she helps Autistic kids and kids with Turret Syndrome learn to play the piano.   I was so impressed that several of our teachers were here and a couple of guys with the San Diego Chargers organization and many families that are affected by this conditions.

I have begun a 5 week series on “How to Get What You Want Out of Life in 21 days”.  We have several people enroll in the class.  It is now in its 3rd week and I am quite happy with the results.

My Mom and Dad are coming from North Carolina this week.  It is my Dad’s first visit and I certainly hope he likes it here as much as I do.  We plan to have a great time Mon, Tue and Wed.

Business is still steady and I am very excited about all of the things we have going on.  I hope to see things continue.  I just received a 7 ft Bechstien that should be tuned, voiced and regulated by next weekend.  I can’t wait until its set up.

Be sure to stop in and say hello sometime soon, we would love to meet you.

Ric Overton

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