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This week has been incredible.

First off the concerts Tuesday and Wednesday night were beyond any expectations.  The final tallies are not in, but, I think we did great as far as our donation to Monarch School.  I have to say that I was very impressed with the representatives Monarch School sent and the way they presented themselves and the school.  Visit the website and see for yourself. I hope you are able to help with something special for them.  You will be glad you did.

The C. Bechstein performed awesome at the hands of Greg Watson, but everyone was completely blown away by his talent.  What an increble musician.  Truly the best I have ever seen or heard at the piano.  Besides the tremendous talent it is so nice to see how humble he is about it all.

The Roland Atelier was handled very nicely by Rosemary Bailey.  She is truly a gifted musician and a talent that everyone should experience.  Her incredible ear and ability to follow and lead with another musician was a sight to see.  It was truly an amazing experience to see and hear.  I sincerely hope that next time I can see everyone of you at this event.  Visit Rosemary’s website at

Ron Morebello, John Cain and several other musicians and artists were here and could not believe how talented these two musicians are.  I hope to have you a quick video of thier performance soon.  It was filmed and recorded Tuesday night and should be ready soon.

Speaking of performances, we have had some great performances this month and the rectials have been absolutely “off the hook”.

I hope that you will all take a few minutes and drop by to say hello and get acquainted sometime soon.  We would love to see you.


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