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Piano Social Directory is expanding their Social Media Management division.

As you know by now, Facebook and Twitter are both growing at staggering numbers and the statistics prove that this medium is still positioned for growth.  Your customers log in to find out whats going on and will find what they are looking for by using Facebook and other Social platforms to find it.  Where are you? Can your customers find you? Are you consistent in your postings?

Why worry about Social Media?

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Research has proven that the average user of  most Social Media platforms respond more often to regular, consistent posts.  I see a lot of dealers that start posting, stop, post for a few days, stop, start again, etc., etc.  I know as well as anyone how things get in the way.  You assign someone the task to work with Facebook, Twitter and then something get in the way for a day.  The next day its a little easier to miss the day posting and then its the weekend when you assume no one reads the posts anyway, then Monday comes and there is a lot to do and before you know it, it’s been two weeks since your last post.

You need consistent posts to keep your fans and friends involved in your company.  You need to post events before the event happens and pictures and reports after the event is over.  Sales and events need to be posted well in advance and then more often as the event gets closer and then especially the day of the event AND very importantly, the day after the event.

However, you are busy preparing for the sale or the event, lots of things going on and the next thing you know, the event is happening tomorrow and you haven’t made one single post in your social accounts to invite people and now it’s too late.

I Simply Don’t Have The Time.

We take all the guess work and the social media tasks off your plate.  We do at least 4-5 posts in your Social Media accounts every week, then monitor those posts to be sure there were no missed leads or inappropriate responses. There is a science to when (what time of day) posts should be made  and even which days of the week are the most effective.  We make those posts at the right times and on the right days.

Generally speaking, we make posts that are 70% informational 30% promotional.  We design the posts specifically for your store and your market.  We will help guide you in getting more friends and fans to join your page and then keep them in constant contact with you.

How Do We Handle Social Media?

We have purchased software and services that allow us to post in advance which lets us put your posts into an intelligent flow so your customers can get to know you and what you do easier.  Social Media is a simple platform that allows you to stay in contact with your customers. Social Media is not generally designed to be a place to sell merchandise although that frequently happens.  Social Media is designed to keep you in constant, consistent basis.  This is where we come in.

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We have the ability to manage all of your Social Media profiles.  This includes Facebook, Twitter, YouTube pages, etc.  We have a program that will suite your needs.

As far as I am aware we are the only company that offers exclusively to the piano and musical instrument industry.  Our goal is to serve and promote the music industry in every way that we possibly can.  We work with digital marketing and can help you with suggestions and hints on your website and more.

Feel free to contact me at for more information.  I will do an overview of your website, Facebook and other Social Media platforms and then set up a time for an interview to discuss your needs.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Ric Overton

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