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PianoSD TV Network in Prime Time

I AM SO EXCITED.  We started broadcasting live from PianoSD in Mission Valley in San Diego, Ca. this week.  We put on a 30 minute show (actually the 2nd the first was a test) with Ric Overton and Mike McGuire last night.  We talked about our lives in music and what was going on here at PianoSD.  We have had so many great comments and really appreciate it.

If  you would like to see us all you have to do is type in  USTREAM.TV in your web browser (.tv is not .com so be sure to type in only  Once the home page opens up use the search engine and type in PianoSD.  It will take you directly to our videos.  I hope you enjoy them.

Next week we are going to have Rosemary Bailey.  I am sure most of you will recognize the name as an accomplished and well traveled musician.  She and I will be on at 7:00 Monday night.

If all of the instructions are confusing simply go to our website and click on the “See us on Live TV” link.  Or simply follow this link to see it now.

Now you have a chance to see our faces, we are at a disadvantage.  To correct this drop by and let us see you face and say hello.  We would really like to meet you.


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