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Its a couple of day before Christmas

I have taken a few days off but, I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate some of the kind words I have gotten from many of you regarding our store, the website and the Monday Broadcasts.  Monday night was so much fun.  We had a couple of people in the studio audience and Daniel Jackson did such a great job.

Mostly, I wanted to wish each of you a very Merry Christmas.  This is a very special time of the year for me.  First of all I believe in the real reason for Christmas.  I enjoy hearing stories from friends about how they spend their holiday.  I REALLY enjoy watching the kids at the mall stand in line to talk to Santa.  Its a time for family and friends to exchange kind words and gifts and perhaps a few minutes of quality time together.  I also happen to really DIG Christmas music.

I hope this year you are able to create special memories or perhaps just pick up the phone to wish an old friend a Merry Christmas.

Please drop by and say hello sometime I would love to meet all of you and lastly



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