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Over the past few weeks we have REALLY undergone major surgery.  Our website has taken on a new life and I can’t tell you how excited I am about it.  We have met some really nice people and for the month so far we have made over 100 referrals to piano teachers, piano tuners and piano movers.  We have seen the website grow from only a few visits a month to over 6000 page views a month.  Our t-shirt business is growing and we will soon be sending out an email blast to over 18,000 users who are in our system now as Piano Professionals.


Our goal in the coming months is to start promoting music and music education to the general public.  Raise the awareness of music and how important it is, not only to the kids, but also the adults.  Our future as an industry really depends on people learning to play but, far above that I believe that the future of music in general is getting kids AND adults to experience music on  a different level.

Music has been a mainstay in our culture for many years.  Over the past few years we have seen the appreciation of music and pianos in particular wane just a little.  Many things have contributed to that such as the removal of piano and music instruction in our schools, the onslaught of apps on our smartphones and an overall passive attitude to the piano and music in general.  As I said, I believe that there are many things that have caused this cultural shift but, I also believe that we can do something to change that.


This week Facebook launched their IPO and Google has made several announcements which has caused me to take a look at both companies.  Here is an intersting point.  Google was created and taken to the general public in 1998 and Facebook in 2004.  Now that was only a few short years ago.  Today, they are powerhouses.  In just a few short years you can look at what they have accomplished and where they are going.  It only took a dream and a vision.

In the coming months PianoSD will be entering into some uncharted territories with similar dreams.  Our dream and goal is to bring as many people to the decision of learning to make music as possible.  While many people will opt to play other instruments (which we encourage) our goal is to get people back to the piano.  Learning to play and having fun doing it.  I believe that this is VERY possible.

We have seen just in the 3 or 4 short months that we have changed directions an “uptick” in the people who are interested in what we are doing.  I get several comments or letters saying “thank you” for providing this service and people who tell us that they are so happy we are here.  Just this past week I spent a couple of hours researching teachers in Orange County California to help a student out that had somewhat specialized needs.  It’s simply what we do.  And that’s why I am excited about the changes that we are making.


I don’t attempt to stray out into politics or religion very much (although I have a STRONG opinion about both) but, it is time for us to work  together getting people to play and make music and to make music fun.  It’s really simple and basic.

I look forward to serving you and please don’t hesitate to send me a message through PianoSD or if you have comments, suggestions or dreams of your own.


Ric Overton

Piano Social Directory

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